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with 8 new joint ventures in China for Israeli technology companies through 2019 and 8 more in 2020, we invite you to Join the success with ICB, a Unique and the only business and financial platform to bring Israel MedTech to China.  

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Our vision is to build the platform between the Chinese market and Israeli MedTech by providing direct investment in Israeli cluster companies and leveraging the business potential by forming a partnership in China.

Israel China Biotechnology (ICB) wishes to build several clusters of MedTech start-ups through equity investments, and provide the Israeli start-ups with access to the huge Chinese healthcare market. ICB remains committed to integrity, honesty and fairness in all dealings with stakeholders. We aim to create for the companies in our platform a unique business opportunity in China by eliminating financial risk.


We pride ourselves on our diverse and experienced teams both in Israel and in China, who, coupled with their enthusiastic and committed approach, provide an inimitable and dedicated experience to our platform companies.

As we strive for excellence, with passion for success, we will encourage entrepreneurship among our cluster start-ups, as we pursue projects with a sense of urgency and total dedication to results.

We promote open communication and professional development, as we work toward shared goals throughout our investment platform and organizational structure.

Our precise investment process and long experience of Chinese local industry experience in the Chinese biomedical ecosystem render us best equipped to build the platform to the huge Chinese healthcare market.

ICB aims to create an advanced medical industry clusters platform.

Company Profile

Israel China Biotechnology (ICB) has been in the biotech industry for many years. In 2017, Mr. Huang Qingxi, a Chinese investor, took control of the company (previously BSP), and the board of directors shifted priority to become an investment company in the biomedical field. 

Israel China Biotechnology (ICB) Ltd. shifted business strategy in 2018 to become a leading high-tech healthcare platform in Israeli medical companies that directly provides equity funding to pave the way for Israeli companies into China, the biggest emerging market in the world.

Backed by prominent partners in China, ICB is a public company traded under the ICB symbol since March 2018 in the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.

The management consists of skillful operational entrepreneurs who have extensive experience in investment, management, private equity, and venture capital. Our team leverages knowledge, connections, network and support to assist our partners and portfolio companies in seizing new opportunities for substantial growth.

Business Strategy 

ICB creates high value for companies with proven technology that are ready or close to ready to engage in the Chinese market for their technology. ICB invests in companies interested in partnering with our Chinese strengths through partnership. We leverage business and government connections alongside long-term relations to enable our platform cluster companies to establish production and manufacturing and distribution and R&D in China under favorable conditions to Israeli start-ups and at low costs. Both Israeli companies and the Chinese market will benefit from our unique investment platform and strategic partnerships.

Our Goal 

Invest in technologies by cluster in a platform with high market potential through partnership in China.

Focused Investment

Connect leading strategic partners to build clusters of investment in synergistic areas. 

Investment Policy

ICB will invest in Israeli healthcare technology companies with the potential to become major players in China. We will capitalize on the demands of the Chinese economy with our unique know-how and networking in China. Our understanding understanding of the Chinese market trends enables us to identify unique business and financial platform opportunities and facilitate fruitful matches. Our multicultural Chinese/Israeli team will consistently create success stories by investing in:

  • Companies with proven preliminary feasibility and an excellent chance of success

  • Companies with great potential in the Chinese market

  • Companies expected to produce real value in relatively short time

China offers unique business opportunities

Unique strategic guidance and support for Israeli companies to access the Chinese market.

The path to the Chinese market

Board of Directors 

Mr. Huang has held major positions in various holding companies and was appointed as an MBA master tutor for the Business School of Hunan Normal University.  He brought back a nearly bankrupt company to the capital market and was responsible for a 15-fold stock price increase and a 26 billion CNY increase in market value. 

 In 2005, he won the "1st Top Ten Charity Enterprise Award" in the Hunan Province, China. In 2006, won the "Top 10 Outstanding Youth Award in Hunan Province".

Huang (David) Qingxi - founder and Chairman of the Board



Prof. Chaim Lotan completed medical training at the Hebrew University Hadassah Medical School in 1979 and concluded his specialization in Cardiology in 1987. In 1996 he was appointed Director of Interventional Cardiology and Cardiac Catheterization in Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem. In 2009 he received the appointment of Professor of Medicine (Cardiology) from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem Faculty of Medicine. Prof. Lotan has been involved in a number of biomedical innovative ventures and serves as Medical Officer/Advisor in several medical technology companies in the fields of cardiology and imaging.

Prof. Chaim Lotan - Director



CPA as senior accountant at KPMG Israel.  Mr. Dvir has a BA and MBA in Business Administration from the College of Management and brings fifteen years of international experience in the fields of finance & legal.

 He has served as the CFO of Q Core Medical since 2010 and of a group of 3 affiliates companies since 2016 and is a  former controller at Gilat Satellite Ltd. He served six years at IBM in the finance department in several positions including controller and cost accountant at IBM Israel.

Barak Dvir - Director



CEO of Israel - China Biotechnology Ltd. Based in Israel since 2013, Mr. Zhang was a private investor who worked as a financial advisor to major Chinese private equity funds regarding investments in Israel. He also served as a senior VP and general counsel of Avantalion, as well as General Counsel of CA Investment Company. Mr. Zhang has also participated in many Chinese-state-owned companies listed in New York.

Mr. Andrew Zhang - Director and CEO



Ms. Cassie Chen has10 years of international cooperation and investment experience in the biomedical industry. From 2010 to 2014, she served as the project manager of the President's Office in Zhejiang Hisun Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., responsible for strategic cooperation projects with  Eli Lilly & Pfizer. From 2015 she served as the head of the International Investment Department of Fangsheng Pharmaceutical. and joined CIB on 2017. Ms. Chen holds a Masters degree of Bioengineering from Shaanxi University of Science & Technology.

Cassie Chen - Director



Mr. Shimon Cohen served as a director at Fantasy Network 2018-2020.

Mr. Cohen is a lawyer at Naner Et Naner legal firm, Worked as in intern in the State Prosecutor’s office during 2016.

Mr. Cohen is a member of the Israel Bar Association since 2017.

Mr. Cohen holds a L.L.B. - Bachelors of Law degree from the Kiryat Ono University.

Currently studying for Masters degree in the Hebrew University.

Shimon Cohen - External Director



Advocate Gal Furer has over 28 years of legal and business practice, including 14 years that he lived and worked in China (1998-2012). While in China he held various senior management and legal positions, including the GM of ICD Security Solutions; Director and CTO of Beijing Digital / ITR; and as Senior Partner at Broad & Bright law firm.

Mr. Furer is a frequent lecturer and advisor on Chinese business, economy and law, in various public institutions and private corporations. Among them, the Israeli Export Institute, the Ministry of Economy, etc. Mr. Furer is co-founder of the Israeli Chamber of Commerce in China, Mr. Furer is also the vice-chairman of the Israel-China Friendship Society

Mr. Furer holds a law degree (1990) and B.A (equivalent) in Philosophy (1992) from the Hebrew University. He is currently finalizing his M.A. thesis about “the cooperation between Chinese private companies and local governments”.

Gal Furer - Director



ICB on Tel aviv stock exchange

Click this to view our wholly owned company BSP Medical Investors Presentation (Hebrew)


Andrew Zhang - CEO

Mr. Andrew ZHANG


Guy Goldin - CFO





ICB's investment portfolio includes the following ground-breaking technology companies. Together with CIB, ICB's major shareholder, we are proud to have formed joint ventures (JV) in China with most of our invested companies, opening the door for them to the huge Chinese market and to new investors.

Provides novel, non-invasive and highly reliable solutions for the diagnosis and monitoring of Ischemic Heart Disease, through analysis of high frequency QRS complex of stress or rest ECG test.

BSP Medical

Patients use BestBrain's personalized 

neurofeedback brain therapy to treat themselves at home with improved efficiency. BestBrain now runs clinical trials on early Alzheimer’s patients with key doctors.


BioSert has developed a novel Bioabsorbable anti-restenosis Stent for restoring blood flow through the blocked coronary arteries.


Defibris developped the personal carry-on world' smallest Defibrilator, to help saving lives of those in high risk of sudden heart attack.


Pulse-Or aims to be a leader in providing non-invasive multi-parametric medical and physiological solutions for modern health care.


BiFlow advanced stent technology

BiFlow Medical

WellBe advanced well-being technology


Novomic revolutionary hair and skin care


RMDY therapeutics digital solution for accurate treatment

RMDY Health

Wear2b mobile health solutions


Accelerator in partnership with Shizim


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