Animal Trials Service

Hunan Provincial Laboratory Animal Center (Hunan Pharmaceutical Safety Evaluation Research Center) is an independent institutional legal research institution approved by Hunan Provincial Science and Technology Department. The center covers total building area of 35,000 square meters. It has established animal experimental facilities with the largest area, the most precise variety and conforming to international standards in Central and South China


National Pharmaceutical GLP Laboratory

Hunan Provincial Laboratory Animal Use License and Hunan Provincial Laboratory Animal Production License

Laboratory Qualification Certification Institutions in Hunan Province

(Pharmaceuticals, Pharmaceutical Packages, Health Food, Food, Medical Devices, Cosmetics, Veterinary Drugs)

Domestic non-special cosmetics registration, inspection and testing institutions

National Major New Drug Creation and Incubation Base

National (Hunan) Drug Safety Testing and Testing Platform

The Basic Conditions of Major Science and Technology in Hunan Province are Level

Public Service Platform of National Biological Industry Base

Evaluation of Pharmacodynamics and Safety of New Drugs in Hunan Key Laboratory

National Joint Engineering Laboratory of Animal Peptide Drug Creation

Collaborative Research Center of Postdoctoral Research Workstation

Joint Laboratory of Medical Model Animals

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