ICB and Silver Castle signed MOU May 4, 2021

Silver Castle is a global asset management and hedge ​fund investment house for digital currencies, ran by unique assembly of banking & blockchain tech professionals.

ICB publish an immediate report describing the understandings between the companies here.

For additional details on Silver Castle go to Silver Castle website.

Outline of the understandings:

Against the transfer of all shares and securities of Silver Castel constituting 100% of the issued and paid-up capital (fully diluted), when free and free of any third party's rights to ICB at the date of completion, ICB will allocate to Silver Castel shareholders ordinary shares of ICB, which will reflect a total value of 75% of ICB's share capital, where by the end of the merger process and upon meaningful fund raising as described on the MOU, Silver Castle holding will get to as high as 79.2% of the merged field.

Silver Castle leading management team consists of Mr, Zvi Ziv (President), former CEO of Bank Hapoalim, Israel's largest banking group, Ms. Gabi Ravid (Executive Director), previously founder and CEO of Psagot, Israel's largest investment house, Mr. Eli Mizruch (CEO), former senior partner at TASC, Israel's leading Management Consulting firm, executive at Bank Hapoalim, Bezeq Group and the CEO of Golf&Co., Mr, Chen Munitz (Chief Investment Officer), Founder of Delevene, developers of trading algorithms and to hedge funds, Mr. Rami Beinish (COO), former senior executive at Playtech, world's largets gaming software provider, and Mr. Danny Silbiger (CEO Silver CL Management), former deputy CEO at Psagot.

Silver Castle's Advisory Board consists of Dr. Boaz Barak, former senior manager at Credit Suisse and UBS AG, and Mr. Lou Kerner, former media and tech analyst at Goldman Sachs and Merril Lynch.

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