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IP Operation service

Benefit from the top industry experts located in our Changsha and Shezhen companies, provideing professional Intellectual Property Rights Application Based on Target Market Intellectual Property Rights System, diagnosis of the Effectiveness Risk of Intellectual Property Rights (Invalidation Risk), Ownership Risk of Intellectual Property Rights, Litigation Risk of Intellectual Property Rights, and the Exercise Risk of Intellectual Property Rights, monitoring the layout of competitors' patents and trademarks, providing regular monitoring and analysis reports, dismantling the core products of the subject project, searching, screening and comparing each component, analyzing whether there is infringement risk in the target market, analyzing the technology classification tree of the target project, analyzing the patent layout of the target market according to the technology branches, mining the direction of technology development, and giving suggestions on intellectual property layout.

CRO Regulatory and CFDA registration service

Shenzhen Joyantech Consulting Co., Ltd., is a professional consultation organization engaged in international consultation of medical devices. Provides consulting and agency services for registration and certification of medical devices in various countries or regions (e.g. FDA registration in the United States, CE certification in the European Union, CMDCAS certification in Canada, TGA certification in Australia, CFDA registration, etc.), quality system review of medical devices (e.g. QSR820 laboratory in the United States, GMP in China, GMP in Japan, GMP in Brazil, ISO13485, etc.).

Osmunda Medical Devices Services Group is a third-party global medical device industry service provider, provide the medical equipment industry with medical workers transformation and manufacturing platform (CDMO), global registration and clinical trial platform (CRO), medical equipment management cloud software platform (MDAC), industrial service platform (industrial planning, industrial think tank, Park management), industrial investment platform. Osmunda has a strong professional database of medical devices, project management platform and R&D and manufacturing base (active device production base, passive device production base, diagnostic reagent production base). Provide a comprehensive and one-stop solution for the global medical device developers, producers, users and governments.


Shenzhen has officially released its economic data for 2018. Its GDP grew by 7.6%, making it the first city in China whose industrial added value exceeds 900 billion yuan. In the field of medical devices, more than 700 medical device manufacturers have gathered in Shenzhen, with a total output value of over 40 billion yuan, accounting for about 8% of the total scale of China's medical device market. Among them, there are more than 40 enterprises with an output value of over 100 million yuan.

Animal Trials Service

Provided by Hunan Provincial Laboratory Animal Center (Hunan Pharmaceutical Safety Evaluation Research Center) - is an independent institutional legal research institution approved by Hunan Provincial Science and Technology Department. The center covers an area of 100 mu and a total building area of 35,000 square meters. It has established animal experimental facilities with the largest area, the most precise variety and conforming to international standards in Central and South China. National and International Qualifications.

R&D Upgrade 

Provided by Leadcent - a high-tech enterprise providing integrated solutions for mobile health and mobile payment intelligent hardware, a large high-tech company integrating product design, research and development, manufacturing, marketing and service.

FA Business - Investment & Fund Attracting Service 

In China Mainland, Hong Kong, Israel and in USA.

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