ICB (previously named BSP) was Bio-Thec. company for many years. In 2017 Chinese investor, Mr. Hunag took control over the company, and the company BOD change its business and become investment company in the Bio-Med field.

Business Strategy


Market potential 

Invest in technologies and platforms with high market potential, mainly in China.

Deal flow 

Invest in companies, technologies and medical products while collaborating with leading companies and building unique strategic ties.


Focused investments, preferably while joining a leading strategic entity. Building clusters of investment in synergetic areas, i.e. cardiological. 

​           Investment Policy

  • Invest in companies with proven preliminary feasibility.

  • Invest in companies with an excellent chance of success.

  • Investing in companies with great potential in the Chinese market.

  • Investing in companies  that expected to produce real value in relatively short time

  • Avoiding wasted resources.

Company Profile






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